Where are the MirrorLabs part 5 - Aalto

In the posts for February and March, we would like to introduce you to each of the MirrorLabs partners. MirrorLabs currently consists of seven research institutions distributed over Europe which is shown in the figure below. Today's post will introduce Aalto which is located in Finland.

Aalto factory of the future

The Aalto Factory of the Future is a facility for innovation, research and education and comprises a space shared by humans, robots, and production stations. The facility serves as a platform for projects in the area of advanced information technologies applied to future production systems. It focuses on achieving revolutionary high flexibility by exploiting the architecture of modular autonomous intelligent production units. The enabling technologies for that include: Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 architecture, Industrial Internet of Things, edge/fog/cloud computing paradigms, virtual integration, digital twins, remote commissioning, operation and predictive maintenance, human-robot collaboration, simulation, virtual and augmented reality.

Research Focus

From a research and innovation perspective, the main capability of the Aalto Factory of the Future is focused on software architecture for industrial automation. We are particularly working on integrating flexible concepts for software deployment and reconfiguration with IIoT, digital twins, and recent trends in IT-technology.


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