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creating a similar learning environment for students all over Europe for human-robot coproduction



MirrorLabs for SMEs

I am a manufacturing SME and I want to learn more about how I can use Augmented and Virtual Reality in my production environment.


MirrorLabs can be useful for your company! We offer our code open source and provide training courses for professional education. You can either join our courses online over the “General Learning Platform” of the EIT – the courses are free, but the certificates are for sale.

In addition, we offer blended courses within our partner network of universities – you will do part of the courses online and parts at a university location. Do you want to know about this? Please get in contact with us.


On this website we are sharing a couple of tutorials for free, check them out and learn about robotics, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)!

We will continuously develop our framework that can be used for developing applications for digital twins of robots. Our framework can be found in our git: see bottom of  the page for the link.


MirrorLabs for Educational institutes

I am a university or research center that wants to use the Mirrorlabs code or enter the Mirrorlabs community.

If you are a university or research center, you can of course use the open-source code of MirrorLabs. This is especially useful if you already have part of our supported technology or aims at purchasing it.

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