Showcase: AR/VR Integration in Industrial Scenarios

The introduction of new technologies in the manufacturing industry, such as advanced automation, cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence, is contributing to accelerate the development and modernization of the industry, making it more efficient, flexible and competitive. As a result, better human-machine interaction through AR and VR can lead to several benefits, such as require less training, increase safety and enhance the operator’s ability to resolve problems on the shop floor.

In this showcase, we demonstrate a multi-platform app that displays a digital representation of a collaborative robot. The app was developed in Unity and communicates with robots that run ROS ( through ROS# library ( The app contains a menu, in which it is possible to choose between 4 different scenarios. In each scenario, the user can set up the robot’s network configuration and establish the connection. The first scenario was designed to display a hologram of a real robot in an Augmented Reality headset (Microsoft Hololens 2). The second scenario displays on our Microsoft Windows app a shadow of a robot simulated in the Gazebo ( The third scenario also shows a shadow of a robot simulated in the Gazebo, but on a Virtual Reality headset (HTC Vive). The last scenario demonstrates the shadow of multiple robots, of multiple models, been visualized in the same application.

- made by the MirrorLabs partners from INESCTEC -

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