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MirrorLabs featured in EIT Manufacturing ENHANCE workshop for Estonian industry executives

Even though the MirrorLabs is coming to an end, the footprint of the gained technology will remain available beyond the dates of the activity. And with a good reason, as the developed content is valuable for pushing forward the technological capabilities of the manufacturing industry in different regions of Europe.

In mid-December, the University of Tartu hosted a dozen executives from the Estonian industry to discuss and showcase technology associated with the future trends in manufacturing. The event was organized as part of ENHANCE, an activity also supported by EIT Manufacturing. Among other themes, augmented and virtual reality were the topics of mutual interest and discussion. During hands-on workshops, the industry representatives had the opportunity to personally experience how augmented reality (AR) in combination with Microsoft HoloLens2 technology can improve the user experience when controlling the autonomous ground vehicles.

‘It is one thing to know what AR means and another to actually deploy and use it,‘ said Karl Kruusamäe, associate professor of robotics engineering who is leading both MirrorLabs and ENHANCE activities at the University of Tartu. He also added, ‘I am very glad to say that the technology readiness in AR is increasing at a rapid pace and the technology we present today convinces many people of its potential applicability in production systems.’



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